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God did not create us to be robots
but to worship Him from our hearts
Song for Victoria She sits several rows back trying to blend in with the crowd While her friends are there in the front row raising their hands and singing loud They sing how Jesus died for them But she can’t believe He would forgive her too So she sits there and hides behind The mask cause she doesn’t know what to do People just ignore her as she sits there all alone They’re just too busy looking down at their phones Not caring there’s a lost soul sitting next to them Remember when this was you She’s close enough to call a friend But not close enough for them to see the truth That she really don’t believe in God And going to church is just something to do She doubts anyone would love her And no one would care if she died Yet demons keep her up at night Cutting herself wanting suicide Then someone told her God is madly in love with you That He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for you He wants to wash away your sins and give a new life to you Because He loves you Won’t you give Your life to Him Because He dies for you No longer several rows back trying to blend in with the crowd She’s standing there in the front row raising her hands and singing loud She sings how Jesus died for her And He knows that He has forgiven her too She’s taken off her mask And let’s Jesus love shine through She rejoices everyday now, singing praises to Him She shares the love of Jesus, proclaiming the truth to them I wonder on Sunday, who’s sitting next to you God may have sent them to you All songs © 2017 Steve Gonzalez All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited
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