Information about each song on the album Meditation & Dance 1) In the Beginning: is taken from Genesis1 with God speaking each one of the six days of creation into existence, and a musical journey into each one of those days of creation. When God speaks man into existence, the song becomes quite as the angels are in awe of God creating man in His image, whereas everything else was created out of God’s creativity, knowing what man would need. 2) Creation Praise: is a Cyber Funk type of song with the spoken words coming from Psalm 148 and John 1:1-5 3) Enter the Garden of Eden: A piano piece based upon Genesis 2:8-15 4) The 7th Day: Is a song about God resting. Even though some may see God as sitting there doing nothing on the 7 th  day and maybe even twiddling His thumbs waiting for day 8 to arrive. But the song is more of a song of rest, and ends up as a celebration of what God created the past six days. 5) After the Flood: This song is not about the initial flood, with rain for 40 days and nights, but is based upon after the rains had stopped with Noah, his family and all the animals exiting the ark a year later. The song is done musically in 3 phases.  Phase 1 is based upon Genesis 8:6-12. Phase 2 is based upon Genesis 8:15-19 and Phase 3 is from Genesis 8: 21-22 6) Abram’s journey to Canaan: is based upon Genesis 12:1-3 where God tells Abram (later known as Abraham) to leave the country he is living in and to go to a land that God will show him, which is Canaan. The song begins with Abram in Canaan, hence the mood of the song, and then goes into Abram’s journey, and finally Abram entering into Canaan. 7) Isaac & Rebekah: is based upon Genesis 24:61-67 with the song starting out as Isaac meditating in the field, then Rebekah arriving and seeing Isaac, then the celebration of their marriage. 8) Jacob in Bethel: is from Genesis 28:10-17 & 35:9-15 Think of Jacob’s Ladder (Angels ascending and descending from heaven) and God changing Jacob’s name to Israel. 9) Joseph in Egypt: This is a journey of Joseph’s life. Starting off when he is thrown into a pit by his brothers, then sold into slavery in Egypt and becomes a servant to Potiphar, then thrown into prison for false accusation by Potiphar’s wife, then the dreams of the Cup Bearer, the Baker and Pharaoh. Then becoming second most powerful man in all of Egypt, then seeing his brothers, followed by the celebration of seeing his father again, and finally his death. Yes all in 5 minutes musically. 10) Sing Yahweh (w/strings): is all done with stringed instruments (other than the drums) and half way through the song it explodes as the Praise Warrior sings out Sing Yahweh and the choir sings out Yahweh. You will note at that point the song takes on a Celtic feel. 11) Meditation & Dance 2 Da Beat: is one of those songs that starts out slowly, meditative, and slowly builds up into a celebration of dance. 12) Selah: is a completely meditative song with no lyrics other than a female singing at the beginning of the song, Close my eyes and hear Your Voice and the rest of the song taking on a meditative feel of beats and angels in the background. This is one of those songs where you put on your headphones after reading God’s word, or during your time on prayer, or just after having one of those days and meditating on God’s Awesomeness.