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God did not create us to be robots
but to worship Him from our hearts
Lukewarm Coffee Coffee, Coffee Coffee, Coffee I get up in the morning Eyes half open or half shut I don’t know It’s too early to think about that stuff I somehow make my way to the kitchen And take a sniff of instant gratification COFFEE Coffee, Coffee Oh what a way to start my day I’ll find out later Cause coffees such a better way To begin this journey that we call today. Today Before the second hand makes it five times around I have drunk my first cup down. Pouring the second I can see That coffee is so much better than tea I keep searching all around For that second cup of coffee that I put down Coffee, Coffee I finally find it in my disappointment I believe It has turned lukewarm and taste disgusting to me Well the sun is shining And I’m gonna be late for church But it’s Sunday morning And from last night, my head it still hurts If this lukewarm coffee taste disgusting to me How much more is my life, disgusting to thee Coffee, Coffee What I have to say I pray will suffice That there really is such a better way to life Don’t you remember that Jesus died for you So why are you rejecting a love that is true Yes your lukewarm lifestyle disgusting its true Won’t you let God light a fire under you It will change the way that you live And to others God’s Son you’ll want to give To give Coffee, Coffee Coffee, Coffee Coffee, Coffee Mmmmmmm All songs © 2017 Steve Gonzalez All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication prohibited
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